A Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni community of inspired travelers, powered by shared experiences.

A Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni community of inspired travelers, powered by shared experiences.

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We know travel can be complicated, so we’ve made it easier for you.

Worldwide Connect is a unique community for Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni travel enthusiasts, designed to help you create and share an authentic, global experience with like-minded people.

Register as either a local or a traveler – or both!

Be the Local Expert

Share tips and tricks plus local hotspots for travelers in your home city

Travel with Confidence

Design your next adventure by signing up to either get tips, chat online, or hangout with a local expert!

Why should you join?


Expand Your Network
Connect with alumni from all over the world in your home city.
Take Pride

Fall in love with your city again. Explore your own city through new eyes and help others do the same.

Do Good
Contribute to the community, your city and your life by making friendships worldwide.


Make it Authentic
Live like a local and check out hidden gems and local haunts for an awesomely authentic experience.
Build Human Connections
Hang with local alumni, learn about their lives, and engage in meaningful conversations.
Personalize Your Adventure
Enjoy a one-of-a-kind travel experience and make your trip your own.

How does it work?


Register as a local or a traveler and let us know what you can offer, what you need, and where.


We gather your requests and offers, so we can match you up with the right person. It’s like dating, but for travel.


As soon as we find a match, we’ll connect you with each other by mail.

Annnnd GO!

Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to post with the hashtag #WorldWideConnect ‍😀

Your Global

With 750,000 alumni in 68 countries, this is your chance to get tips from locals & meet people like you from all over the world.

Taste the original tequila in the city of Tequila with Andrea.

October 2021 #worldwideConnect

Roller skate with Alana in Greynolds park in Miami

June 2021 #worldwideConnect #besttripever

Rock out to live music in Red Rock amphitheater outside of Denver with Josh.

September 2021 #worldwideConnect #taglit

Check out the authentic street art in Buenos Aires with Ana.

August 2021 #worldwideConnect

Experience a cold beer with Zeki in one of the oldest pubs in northern Ireland.

July 2021 #travellikealocal #worldwideConnect

Revel in the breathtaking city views from Montmartre hill in Paris with Rapheal

March 2021 #besttripever #worldwideConnect

Enjoy Aperitivo and appreciate the beauty of the Navigli Canal with Hagar. April 2021 #travellikealocal #worldwideConnect

Bagel hopping with Aaron around NYC might be my new favorite activity.

April 2021 #travellikealocal #worldwideConnect

Experience Thursday night Shuk life in Machene Yehuda in Jerusalem with Ben and Assaf

May 2021 #birthrightisrael #worldwideConnect


create and share a unique travel experience
 with fellow Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni, all over the world.
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Choose as many as you like


Choose as many as you like


Once you sign up with us as a Traveler or a Local, we’ll match you up according to your needs whether you are looking for tips, to chat online with a Local or hangout in person.

We will do everything we can to find you a match. In the meantime, we would love for you to join us on our Facebook group, so you can talk with other travel enthusiasts. If we don’t find a match, maybe you’ll find a new destination!

You do not. You do what is right for you, if you want to exchange tips, awesome! If you want to chat online via email or social media, fantastic! If you want to grab a beer, go for it!

Prior to meeting a Local or Traveler, we recommend that you do your own background check. Check them out on social media; see what they look like—perhaps you have mutual friends. If you plan to meet in person, meet in a public place like a cafe. For more info check out our Keeping it Safe page.

We get it. We also love talking about travel. Join our Facebook group and share your love for travel with other Birthright Israel alumni.

Imagine Taglit-Birthright Israel but in digital form. We’ve branched out into the digital sphere and created Taglit-Birthright Israel Labs, a platform aimed to create inspiring experiences for Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni (and young Jews) virtually.

Of course! We celebrate diversity and welcome you joining Worldwide Connect.

We’ve been running trips to Israel for over 22 years (!), and we’ve learned that meeting new people while traveling is one of life’s most powerful tools in creating rich social experiences. Our mission is to make connections globally and for YOU to experience an inspiring trip with amazing people.

Ideas? Questions?
contact us at wwc@taglitbri.com

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